Alrighty, round 2! Let’s jump right in.

8. Crooked: This one was a little out of the norm for me but my inktober experience this year seems to be very cartoon-y so we just went with it. I’ve been trying to make sure that my interpretations of the words are a little less obvious and I thought this one was a fun one.

9. Screech: Followed immediately by a REALLY obvious interpretation of the prompt. But! This was an interesting experience because I did some research on banshees and they’re pretty interesting I highly recommend giving them a google. There are different kinds of banshees in celtic lore and all kinds of representations. I am also not satisfied with the outcome of this drawing, my planning for the subject matter was alright but my planning for the execution of the actual drawing was lacking and I think it shows. I am pretty tickled by her “come hither” finger though, that part turned out.

10. Gigantic: I am about 98% happy with this one. I love My Neighbor Totoro, it is probably the most pleasant movie I have ever watched and it is really beautiful. I ended up purchasing sepia toned markers and I wanted to give them a try, I thought they worked well thematically though I wish I had done better with the watercolor incorporation as it is a little sloppy.

11. Run: Drew this one at a friend’s house, I asked the crowd what to do for “run” and got back “tortoise” which made perfect sense. I incorporated some subtle yellow racing stripes on the side of his shell and I am really happy with the mileage I got out of the painting on this one.

12. Shattered: This guy is cute but I’m not tremendously pleased with the results. I didn’t do enough planning for the colors and since I rushed through the painting the contrast isn’t where I would like it to be. I am pleased with my interpretation of the prompt though as shattered tends to imply a very negative image so I was pleased to choose a cute one instead.

13. Teeming: My initial thought for this was Tangela from Pokemon but then my husband mentioned fireflies and I saw this somewhat symbolic abstract image in my head. In continuing with the cartoon-ish nature of Inktober 2017 the central firefly is a bit goofy but in a lovable way while the rest form a pattern around him.

14. Fierce: My little mouse from day 4 made me want to do more with little mouse buddies. I thought that this was a cute idea but could have used a lot more time to be executed properly. I’m not accurately getting the sense of scale that I want here but I am happy with the painting and the overall tone of the drawing.


That’s that for week 2! As with all Inktober weeks I have some that I am more satisfied with than others but I have been happy to have a drawing every day so it has been very worthwhile.

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