Last November I decided I was in love with Micron pens and wanted to continue a little bit of ink work. I bought white gel pens and gray paper to focus exclusively on ink instead of the water color that I had used so frequently in October.  I have included two drawings in this post, one portrait of Catwoman and one Last Unicorn inspired image.

There are a lot of flaws in this Catwoman portrait but I am still satisfied with the result. I should have been more careful with the centerline of her face and I should have more intelligently blocked out the shapes of her hair before I started inking. Her neck is also outrageously long… However, she looks feisty and I was very pleased with the outcome of those inks on the gray paper.

This Last Unicorn inspired drawing stemmed from a desire to make something that was just really graphic instead of using midtones through crosshatching or other shading methods. Here I wanted to really explore using the color of the paper as the midtone and I wanted to explore relationships between these sort of surreal elements.

Bonus: I gave a print of the Last Unicorn drawing to a huge Last Unicorn fan and it was a huge hit 😉

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