My husband and I have a lot of board games. Seriously, like a lot, if anybody wants to have a board game party, we will be happy to host (for real). Of all of these there are a handful that we consider our favorites and one of these, Zombicide: Rue Morgue, has really nice miniatures. We had the game for a while and talked a lot about painting the miniatures but didn’t get serious about it until we watched a tutorial about painting these particular figures from Sorastro.

I’ve painted miniatures before but my husband hadn’t, he likes to say he isn’t creative, which I think is untrue but we both agree that he isn’t super crafty. The videos made it seem simple though and it looked like a fun thing we could do together. We also got very lucky in that our friend no longer used the vast collection of miniature paints and materials that he had acquired over the years and he generously donated to our hobby quest. After a quick stop to our favorite comic/game/nerdy stuff/hobby supply shop (cause you have to buy new stuff when you start a new hobby no matter what) we were fully armed and ready to take on the monochromatic (sort of a bright green?) horde.

We faced some challenges but followed most of Sorastro’s tutorial directions and finally ~6 months and 80 zombies later (we only painted on weekends and we had other stuff to do too, okay?) we had a fully vibrant army of the undead. We finished them in September but I didn’t have a place to talk about them in September so here we are. We have some really unique fellows in there and the Abomination was super fun to paint.  We learned a lot and haven’t painted anything since but we do intend to paint our Survivors since they look so sad next to our zombies now.

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