I love cats. They’re great! They don’t crave your approval like a dog does, I mean, our cats great us at the door and show us their bellies and follow us all around the house… Cats are their own individuals! they do what they want when they want! I mean, our cats know some tricks but… Cats are neat and tidy… I mean, there’s a trail of cat litter a mile wide in front of their litter boxes… maybe… maybe I love dogs… No, I’m pretty sure I mean cats, anyway, I love cats!

So, from time to time and occasionally by request , they creep (as cats are wont to do) into my work. These aren’t spectacular works but they do show some experimentation with cartoonish styles which is always fun to display. The two images are a display of personal experimentation where I was just playing around with size and shape in order to make interesting and fun critters.

The last four were at the request of a close friend. They are meant to serve as charicatures of different departments at the organization she works at. They’re inspired by Neko Atsume and various other anime cats. I thought they turned out pretty cute and she was very satisfied with them very much the opposite of a cat who, in my experience, no matter how much they act like a dog, are never satisfied.

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