For real this time, consistent posting. 2018 and we’re going to do it right.

I was very encouraged last year during Inktober when I put myself out there and was rewarded for it with new connections, followers, and friends. This year I intend to double down on art community involvement especially because of my new membership in the Girls Drawin’ Girls¬†group! (right now the website is having some technical issues so that link may or may not work) I am very excited to get more involved with their monthly drawing challenges and other activities. In addition to more involvement with the online community, I also want to open an Etsy shop to sell prints from. That offers up a host of challenges but I am really looking forward to exploring new avenues to get my work out there. If anyone has printing advice or Etsy advice, I would be super happy to hear it!

There are myriad reasons that I didn’t keep this up like I should have last year, some good, some bad, some just lazy but one thing that I felt was important that fell by the wayside was me putting the rest of Inktober on this site. It may seem like a small thing to a lot of people but drawing every day in October 2017 was huge for me so here are the rest of the drawings. Several of the drawings will be followed up on in future posts as additional color and detail was added to some.¬† Please enjoy! I wish everyone the happiest of new years, let’s put the dumpster fire we call 2017 behind us.

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