Every year someone gets a drawing for Christmas. A lot of the time it is because I couldn’t find the perfect thing for someone so I just made it for them instead. Other times it is a print of a drawing that I know someone was particularly enamored of and other times the drawings are just straight up requests by friends and family members. This year I gave away a not insignificant number of Inktober drawings and prints but I also created some new things too.

A very close family friend joined the Army last year and this has resulted in a lot of time spent away from his (now, yay!) fiancee. My mom asked me to do portraits of them for each other to hang on to in the interim while he is away before they get married. I like to describe the images as disney-fied versions of our friends. These are done on Gray paper with black micron pens and a white gel pen and in anticipation of them hanging in the same house together some day, the portraits also hang together happily looking at the other portrait.

Another gift was a portrait of a dog. I used an instagram photo of our best friends’ dog, Brandy, in order to take an easy path out of an inktober prompt. I didn’t intend to paint it as I had the others because I was pretty strung out for other reasons in October and November. However, when Christmas rolled around I decided it was something that they might enjoy a great deal. Plus, when it is painted it looks so much more like Brandy who is my favorite dog I know.

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