3D Game and Environment Design

MFA Design Project

Solo Project 

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This is the final project created for the completion of my MFA degree. The level is broken into three distinct sections that flow into one another to make the player curious as to the changes they will face next. None of the environments included are entirely alien but none of them are designed to be familiar either. Opposing vistas on either end of the level create a sense of balance between otherwise disparate elements. I was responsible for every project detail from start to finish, all assets are created by me. Created in UDK.

RSi Flight Simulation

Mixed Solo/Group work

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These are some samples of airports that I participated in building during my time at RSi Visual Systems


Level Design, World-Building, Texture Design

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Team Members: Steven Kieswetter & Travis Ballard

This is a Christmas themed level where the player is meant to feel like they are the size of a toy. The entire level is created to a large scale so as to make the player feel diminutive. The player travels from one part of the level (which is scaled to the player) and into another (giant compared to the player) via a train which at first appears to be large but in actuality is a toy train. I was responsible for some of the modeling, all of the texturing, and environment building. Created in UDK.

Mario Behind the Scenes

Solo Project 

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I created all pieces included in the level, including textures, models, materials, lighting, and level design. The concept behind the level is a behind the scenes Super Mario studio. The components were created to be repeated so as to make it seem as though the pieces are laying about waiting to be used to create various Mario levels. Created in UDK

Sci Fi Cathedral

Modeling, Level Design, Texture Design

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Team Members: Sam Tuggle

The concept behind this level is intimate vs large scale spaces. Additionally, rather than using the traditional gilded cathedral, we used a more modern glowing design. I was responsible for modeling, texturing, lighting, and environment design. Created in Unity.

Mermaid Cove

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Team Members: Kara Phillips & Cameron Kamenicky

I was responsible for level design, environment building, texturing, and lighting. The concept was to have a space that appeared to house mystical creatures at some point in time. Created in UDK.


Solo Project 

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This is a level inspired by Jabu Jabu’s Belly from Ocarina of time. The whole level is broken into four chambers connected by passable valves. Each chamber is related to a color as well as a subtly inferred bodily system. Another goal of this level was to only use six meshes and repeat them in unique ways across the level. All assets created by me. Created in UDK

Paper Master Erbu

Art Director, Lighting, UI Design 

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Game Lab Spring 2013 | Game Production Pipeline Fall 2013

Paper Master Erbu is a 2.5D story-based platformer where the player takes control of Erbu, a piece of paper living in a paper world. An accident causes Erbu to unleash these terrifying Elemental Spirits into his world where they begin to wreak havoc. This same incident gives Erbu access to these origami powers–the ability to fold himself into different shapes that he, and the player, can use to traverse the levels. I was the Art Director for this project. Created in UDK.