Images for Others: Part 1 Commercial Edition!

First! I am working on a little project that if it turns into anything fun, will definitely be announced on this site, for now though, it is in the very early stages (No, the project is not Overwatch.) Due to this, I will be posting entries every two weeks instead of weekly, you can see I have already started that schedule… ahem… Anyway! Art for others.

Occasionally I accept freelance work when time allows. Sometimes it is boring but other times I get to do some pretty cool stuff and I wanted to share a little bit of what I have designed through paid work. To begin with I’d like to talk about some of the work I did for a company called Haute Decor. They primarily create items that help make Christmas decorating easier, stocking hangers, wreath hangers, things like that. Those things needed instructions and most of the work I did was in the form of creating visual aids for the various products. Two projects that were different and particularly entertaining though, were designs for actual products. The first product was a nativity shadow box. I designed the dimensions for the product itself as well as the images that it displayed. I was offered significant guidance by the owner who requested the design but it was an incredibly cool thing to get to be able to do.

The other product design work that I got to do that was a great deal of fun was designs for stuffed animals that the company began producing. Once again the owner had designs very much in mind for what he wanted to see but creating the concepts for these was a great deal of fun. The animals were called Dream Team Pets and each pet came with a story book. The animals all had little badges on their chests and they were intended to help kids who had trouble going to sleep at night. It was a very sweet idea. The lion, the cat, and the puppy were the only ones that I think made it to market but here are some of the other designs that I concepted out for the owner.

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I had a lot of fun with some of these projects since they were so out of the norm for me in terms of what I get the opportunity to do. The work isn’t super detailed or intricate but it is really a pleasure to see things that you designed come to life in the way that these items did. Stay tuned for Part Two of Art for Others in two weeks where I talk about art that I did free of charge for gift giving purposes otherwise known as Mary Uses Art Skills to Spend Less on Christmas.

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