The first two Virtual Reality paintings I created were not internet sensations but did seem to catch a few people’s interest. The idea of doing a Twitch stream was sort of thrown about but there were some pretty significant challenges to having a successful Twitch experience.

  1. The logistics of receiving comments and talking to people were hard to get around. We have a webcam but the thing is, in Tiltbrush, you move around a lot.
  2. Small talk isn’t really my forte, so interacting with people in a way that didn’t seem awkward would be a difficult situation.
  3. Making things in Tiltbrush is sort of meditative for me. I like to listen to music at the same time but I find that words even just in music make it hard to concentrate.

In spite of these difficulties I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I ended up just streaming music over my actions instead of inviting conversation and didn’t post anything on social media about it because I was afraid of having people I know watch me and make me nervous. To the surprise of no one… no one watched 🙂 The stream had a couple of people pop in for just a second but it was otherwise an empty room where I spun around to some spotify playlist approved for Twitch. I pretty much didn’t feel any different at all while doing it which makes me think that I probably wasn’t taking advantage of it the way that I should have.

I think it is possible that YouTube videos may be better suited for sharing my Tiltbrush adventures. That’s not to say I wouldn’t give Twitch another try. I think after I get more comfortable in Tiltbrush I would find myself more interested in communicating more in a live situation. For now though, I think we’ll just stick with YouTube.

This is what I created during the session. It features some things I learned that you could do with Tiltbrush that I didn’t know about in previous videos (scaling the size of the world up and down) It is pretty long and I replaced the Spotify playlist with different music since I actually kind of hated the Spotify playlist. Hopefully you find it enjoyable!


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