This isn’t just about villains, I have one super hero in here too but I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the heroic and not so heroic ladies that I have rendered.

The first is a Suicide Squad inspired Harley Quinn. Say what you want about the film, Margot Robbie killed it as Harley in that movie. Her design was very nontraditional but I thought it was a perfectly fine take on it. In the drawing I wanted to do something super simple so I decided to just highlight the hair color and create the image out of strong relief lighting. I got lazy on the rain and it’s noticeable. I could have pushed texture difference through lighting a little harder but this was just a quickie so I am pretty satisfied with the turnout.

The next image is a hero and the image was rendered at a very important time. A little over a year ago one of my friends was stricken with a surprise medical emergency. Everything turned out fine, but she was in the hospital for a generous chunk of time which was very difficult for her since A) hospitals suck B) Collapsed lungs suck and finally C) She is not a lady who enjoys downtime. Her favorite super hero is Black Canary and so, when visiting her in the hospital, I drew her a Black Canary in a well meaning but paltry effort to cheer her up.

Finally, the last drawing is once again a villain and one of my personal favorites. I would like to take this time to say, that I hate the way that Poison Ivy is designed in the Arkham games. I love the games and otherwise think they are brilliantly designed but goddammit I will never understand why Poison Ivy never puts on a pair of fucking pants. I digress. This image was another water color pencils experiment. I thought it was rather successful even though i was very worried about mucking up what I thought was a pretty decent ink drawing underneath. I opted not to color in the plant pet both because I was bored and because I was too lazy to solve the problem of them possibly blending into one another. I think it worked out for the best.2

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