This isn’t super exciting but it will help me dump some of the sketches I think are too aimless to really write¬†cover in a post of their very own but! I will happily give a little blurb about each.

The first three were essentially me getting used to my iPad Pro (I didn’t say the were new sketches!) The lovely lady with the purple hair was the first, followed by the other two digital portraits. They’re all solidly mediocre but got me in the swing of using the new iPad.

The very simple nude was simply a challenge offered up by my husband to draw a figure with very few lines. It was a quick throwaway image done right before dinner but its a fun little thing to throw up here.

The woman in the robe was an attempt to play with some three dimensionality vs two dimensionality and having her fade into the painting. I got bored with how it was turning out and lacked enthusiasm to finish the drawing with any sort of real panache. It’s okay but nothing to write home (or a whole blog post) about.

Finally, the last drawing is about me experimenting with some portraiture from Reddit Gets Drawn¬†and my new watercolor pencils. It too is merely “okay” but it was fun to play with.

If there are any you might like to discuss let me hear it in the comments below! This could become a monthly thing if I get it up to produce more work throughout the month, so stay tuned!

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