I learned of Inktober two years ago. My first attempt at complying with the daily ink drawing mission didn’t go as well as I had hoped. Turns out I am a little lazy. Last year though, I was graciously granted a work trip at the beginning of October!

There were two reasons this was helpful. The first was that in the evenings, my options of what to do were pretty limited since I wasn’t allowed to accrue overtime after regular working hours. This afforded me time in the evening to do one or two drawings a night and get a little bit ahead of the curve. The other contributing factor was that the trip was sort of terrible. Work drama got cranked up to 11 and I was just sort of caught in the middle which made me pretty stressed out. So in addition to consuming more alcohol than is normal for me I also felt the urge to draw more as well. This doesn’t always happen when I am stressed, sometimes I just sit in a useless pile to unwind but I got lucky in October and drawing was my stress outlet.

After I got home though… I was a lot less diligent. I made it well over halfway through the challenge which was a milestone for me. It helped to have a Facebook page just for art and an Instagram this year because the likes and comments were actually surprisingly encouraging. Unfortunately, the last week of the challenge life got in the way and I let artistic laziness rule. I’m still pretty proud of some of the work that I did and am very excited to share it here!



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