This will be a simple post but I think it is a good one that is relevant to some of my artistic endeavors right now. We recently purchased an HTC Vive which in our bundle came with Tiltbrush. I was never much of a sculptor in the real world but I have always enjoyed working with 3D digitally, this sort of ended up being the best of both worlds. Using Tiltbrush to get myself up off of my ass to make something without making a huge mess or needing a pneumatic (or God forbid regular) chisel is really a lot of fun.

The thing that has me torn is that I am a sucker for the polish of Tiltbrush. There are a couple of Oculus apps that look promisingĀ and arguably are more fully featured but there is something about Tiltbrush that feels more pleasant and less… utilitarian? Plus, having your creations pulse and move to your favorite music is pretty hard to beat.

I have two videos up on YouTube right now that show the process. I have a third recorded so stay tuned to see it get posted. It’s been a busy couple of months but hopefully there will be more VR work to come. Ā In the meantime, please enjoy. The videos are rather long but I thought me speeding around the room and twirling looked sort of dumb so instead we have chill music and hopefully enjoyable imagery.


Water Goddess

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