I revisited this drawing as it was my very favorite from Inktober. It was a little more complex than others so I didn’t have the chance to paint it initially. With the exception of small variations I had had the color scheme in my head since I began the drawing and I feel like it turned out exactly as I had pictured.

My intent was to do messier color against the very neat line work. The reason I was originally so pleased with this was the fact that the line weight felt like it came out really well and enhances the drawing a great deal. My fear was that adding color was just going to muck it up but I think in the final result they work really well together. There are of course, things I would do differently in retrospect. Although they were very useful for the gray paper drawings that I started doing later, I initially I ended up buying white gel pens specifically to bring white back into the teeth and eyes or this dragon. I just got so excited about adding color that I didn’t quite plan out my steps as intelligently as I could have when I began doing the water color layers.

This drawing is still my favorite outcome from Inktober. It is not the crowd favorite but it is the one that ended up closest to my original vision in a positive way and that is really satisfying.

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